Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Lesson Gained from Failed Resolutions

Every year I make resolutions for the New Year. I have even written them out and signed my own contract. Year after year I do not keep them. Usually due to loopholes I purposely place in my contract. They are for my own protection. It can be devastating to my self esteem to see I have failed again. Usually I fail because I don't have a realistic plan. Now I am an avid planner. I have plans for budgets, vacations, how to be a better wife and mother, and of course the ever popular lose weight.  My weight loss plans are the most devastating, the chart that shows were I should have lost x amount of pounds after 12 weeks. Normally I just start the chart over, but it really is not a productive plan. I do think it is important to try again even if it means trying anew every day.

I have decided that instead of a resolution list this year. I will focus on making each day new.  Each day is a new day to turn my focus on God and when I turn my focus on God he will guide me.  I will still make a list to love my friends and family unconditionally, be a loving respectful wife and nurturing mother, take my health seriously by taking meds as I should no matter how good I feel at the moment, exercising even when it feels I have no energy, and feeding my body healthy food instead of feeding my emotions.  These are all extremely important to me and can all be accomplished.  They will be accomplished by prayer, gaining wisdom from God's word, and trying over and over.  I will not put a time frame on it for each day will always bring a new challenge that may stop me from my goals. But only for that day. My list will be a lifelong list because even if I become healthier than I have ever been in my life I don't know what the next day will hold.

My list is important it contains no loopholes, because I am handing my list over to God and He has it all worked out for the greater good.  I may not lose 100 lbs this year, reach a medication free Lupus remission, or become the world's best friend, daughter, sister, mother or wife. I WILL face each day God has blessed with as an opportunity to grow in God's wisdom, learn from my failures, and try again.