Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Couch Is Calling

Every year my plan is to start the school/work year off with a clean house. For myself a clean house is a happy place. I 100% believe the rest of my family find their happy place in piles and chaos. Binders make me happy. Binders contain my mess. My life, like my binders, can not always be kept neat and tidy. So, I am doing everything that needs to be done to start a neat and tidy school year. Care plans, behavior plans, 504 reviews, doctors appointments. As I type, I'm on the phone rescheduling appointments to fit another in. Just a note, taming my compulsion to constantly multi-task is on my list to improve on my mess.

I am surrounded by my mess and I HATE messes, but I may have made a breakthrough. This mess, that is my life, I am pretty proud of it. These kid's, who are strong, fight everyday. Overcoming battles I can only walk alongside. This husband, who works long hard hours, stands by my side as I complain how crummy I feel.

This mess is my life.

This mess is what it takes to make sure my kids have the best fighting chance. It is what allows me to have time with my husband. There will always be laundry and dishes. Paperwork and doctor's appointments.

Time will not always be. So, I am going to go lay on the couch. I'm going to rest in the midst of my mess. Tomorrow the school year begins for me then this weekend our annual Acts 2:42 Camping trip. I am out of time. I could allow myself to be overwhelmed by all that still needs to be done. I could also recognize my limitaions as a fighter of Lupus and Celiac Disease. Recognizing my limitations gives me time. Time with family. Time with friends.

Yep, the couch is calling.