Thursday, August 21, 2014


It's been a whirlwind of change in our home. I've been rather distracted lately...Difficult descions have been made...and it's time for us all to do a little growing.

One of our changes is sending Sunny to high school. I have gone back and forth with the decision. Is she ready? Am I ready? Did I teach her enough? Will I be called every day because of sugar issues?

It came down to saying yes among all these fears. I never felt the desire or the need to homeschool through high school. Part of me wants them to never leave. Part of me wants them to start spreading their wings and seeing what is out in the world. It came down to me saying this is what is best for our family. I will not allow others opinions change how I feel or allow me to question my choices. I am not proud to admit...but I have spent too much time thinking about what others say about my decisions. 

Maybe I have grown up a bit. 

Just maybe the challenges God has allowed me to face has also allowed me to grow.

Growth in healthy friendships. I seek out wisdom from the friends I know will prayerfully give me advice. Advice where I will not be judged if I agree or disagree.

Growth as a mother. I am learning to value every moment, the good, the bad. Growing every day.

So as we watched her cross the street, my heart broke a little bit. But that little bit of brokenness is allowing something new to grow.