Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Am Thankful

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the many ways we are blessed. It is also the time of year we lost my sister to her battle with lupus. She was and still is a blessing to me, I'm thankful for the many lessons she taught me.

....hope. You remind me to find hope even when my physical pain seems unbearable.

...stubbornness. You where the most stubborn person I've known. Stubbornness can also be powerful in fighting for those you love.

...courage. You taught me to not be afraid of new opportunities. Forcing me to go to homecoming, to ride in the front of roller coasters. You taught me to find excitement in new things. It's unconditional.

....laughter. It's okay to laugh when your sick, it will actually make you feel better. overs. When you make mistakes just start over. 

...time is short. Make the best of your life you don't know how much time you have. 

...strength. You wrote a paper about your little sister as your hero because she had strength she did not know she had. When the days are hard and the pain is too much I remember that I am someone who is strong and can continue to fight. You shared Gods story of love and forgiveness with me. Reminding me that no matter when or where I need him, he's there and he loves me.

In the 18 years you were here, you made the best of your time. You left us all with a little piece of yourself, you made mistakes, you loved, you inspired. 

I am thankful.