Thursday, March 30, 2017

What Was I Thinking

What was I thinking...

It's been seven days since I've spoken to my daughter. Seven days without what's your blood sugar, did you bolus. Seven days while she is 1,759 miles away. And not a word. 

But this is a good thing. I couldn't be more proud of her mission focused heart. She has overcome so much this past year. 

When she started asking about going on an overseas mission trip I wanted to tell her it's not possible. You have a chronic illness. You'll be to far away. I took the cowardly way and left it up to her doctor. And to my dismay the Dominican Republic was one of the few places they would approve her to travel to. I was expecting (okay I was hoping) they would say no. 

We applied for a passport. We packed her bags. One filled with medical supplies. We reviewed emergency pump procedures. Obtained a letter to travel from her doctor. We said good bye. 

My heart overcome. She's growing up. 

In two days she will be flying home. In two days she will have proven how strong and mature she is. She will be home with memories of a lifetime. She will have proven to herself that living with an illness has it's trials but she can still embrace a life full of adventure. 

What was I thinking...

I'm thinking she is going to be what I've prayed for her to be. 

Kind. Compassionate. Strong.

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